BioVM is a virtual machine based on Ubuntu Linux (MATE) with pre-configured software for Bioinformatics.

The BioVM desktop

The BioVM desktop (more screenshots)


For any questions that are directly related to BioVM and that are not answered in the documentation, please post them on Biostars with the tag “biovm”. If you notice any bugs, please report them on Gitlab


If you need additional help, you can purchase the appliance from Gumroad which also comes with direct email support for a year from the date of purchase.


There are many ways you can help this project:

Report any bugs you might encounter.

Help other users in the forums.

Make a donation

BioVM does not receive any funding at the moment. If this project will save you time and effort, please consider making a donation.


EMBOSS explorer web interface and Jemboss graphical user interface

EMBOSS explorer web interface and the Jemboss graphical user interface.

Start page of the Galaxy instance

Home page of the local Galaxy instance at http://localhost/galaxy (note: needs to be enabled)

Main window of the UGene program

Main window of the UGENE program

Source code

BioVM is an Open Source project released under the GPLv3 license. Source code is available on Gitlab.